Hi, I’m Stephen Barrett – welcome to my blog.

Stephen Barrett 2013 Election smaller

I’ll be posting ideas and policies for the local body elections.
Once they are over, I’ll post on current events and areas of interest.

Local Body Elections
I am standing for the South Taranaki District Council and the Taranaki District health Board, and initial posts will focus on some current events and how I see we can move forward. Please see the STDC and TDHB pages for my ideas and policies 🙂

Everyone has a point of view, an opinion, an idea to contribute. Next week, public comments will be enabled for everyone to contrbute if they wish. At that time you will be officially invited to participate in a community-wide discussion about the things that matter to us all. If we work together we will build a stronger, more caring community

We may not all agree, but we will understand each other better if we open our hearts and minds and give each other the time to say what’s important… and listen to each other.