Hot issues: Fluoride

There are often topics for discussion where people get upset.
Perhaps they have a firm view, or they don’t feel listened to.
Sometimes, there isn’t enough information to make up your mind.
Sometimes, people get easily talked into things without knowing the facts.
Of course, some people don’t care… hmmm.

What say we all get brave enough to raise and discuss the tough issues?

Here’s a hot topic:
What about fluoride in the water?

When the STDC made its decision to add fluoride to the water in Patea and Waverley, there were many people who disagreed with that. It seemed that the majority of those who put in submissions or who turned up at the meetings just got ignored.

Like it or not, that wasn’t a popular decision. So perhaps we need to look at the evidence so people in the district can have more confidence in council decisions.

So, is it a medical thing, or a dental thing, or a freedom of choice thing?
Is it harmful or helpful? Who says?
And how do we know if the so-called experts really are experts?

Please think about this issue because it will be discussed again.