What Some Doctors Aren’t Telling You About Diabetes…

Did you know there’s a very high chance that your diabetes is reversible?

And you may be able to come off your diabetes medication?

And it is something you can start today?

Check this out right now:
Disarm Diabetes: 7 Steps To Health Diabetes Cure

** If you get put off by that word ‘cure’ then you owe it to yourself to click on the link and read the entire page – and decide for yourself whether the information is bona fide.

Here’s that link again:
Disarm Diabetes: 7 Steps To Health Diabetes Cure

BigSugar’s Upcoming BigTobacco Moment…

Pretty soon the sugar industry, and the many food processors and manufacturers that keep it alive and kicking, will have to deal with this one fact: added sugar cannot be justified.

Read more: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-28/rooney-big-sugar/5050114

Some time soon those who set health and food safety policies will wake up to the ongoing burden that sugar puts onto people’s health – and do something about it.


Bumble bees to the rescue…

I mentioned that Sth taranaki should develop an export bee industry to assist other countries where polination is an issue due to bees dying.

Well, here’s some good news…

Organic solutions are the only ones that will work in the long run, whatever the chemical companies might try to tell us. They’re wrong.

Council Games Begin… or is it continue?

Here’s a letter I sent to the editor of The South Taranaki Star:

“Council Flip-flops Begin

I note from last week’s Star (Oct 17) that rather than deal with the issues, Council has again avoided doing anything constructive on the pokie and gambling issue.

Councillor Ballantyne proposed a sinking lid policy to effectively reduce the number of pokies in the district. Good on him for addressing the issue constructively.

The current policy allowed 154 pokies, and the new decision reduces this to 140. What was not reported is that, according to the Council’s own data, there are currently 131 pokies in the district. So the effect of the change is ZERO.

In fact, the whole process is a waste of time and ratepayers’ money, as the decision has no effect whatever on pokies, and appears to be a cynical exercise in pretending to be seen doing something meaningful.

One Councillor is reported as saying that while she “would prefer a sinking lid policy… she was happy to back the next best option.”

This is another way of saying she did not stick to her principles and would rather vote with the majority so she appears to be on the winning side.

I suggest very strongly that this is why the STDC needs to seriously reconsider how it makes decisions, and whether there are any principles of community well-being that need to be kept in mind. It certainly needs to be discussed further.

Had I been successful in the recent election, I would have proposed a limit of 60 pokies this year, 30 next year, and none thereafter.”

Please discuss this with family and friends.

The FDA is Neutral? Don’t Think So…

It’s easy to believe that organisations like the American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) are nice and neutral, busily protecting people’s health. A lot of what passes for unbiased medical information arrives here in New Zealand courtesy of the FDA, so this news deserves your attention…


Don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger 🙂

How Deficits and Debt Ceilings Work…

We’ve seen lots of news recently about how the US government is ‘broken.’ But where is explanation of how and why their system is close to collapse… each year?

This is a detailed explanation of how the US banking system works:

Is the New Zealand system the same, a bit different, or a lot different? You decide…

Watch and decide why I stood for Council with debt reduction as a key policy.


Election Results

I was unsuccessful in my bid for both the STDC and TDHB.

Thank you so much for all the support – 800 in STDC and 3500 in TDHB. I’m pretty humbled that so many people thought I was worthy to represent their views on these bodies.

It has made me realise that it is a huge responsibility to carry that support into a forum where serious issues are decided. I only hope that those who have been elected are able to move with the times and display a bit of courage on the major issues.

As I said on the campaign trail, this province can only move forward if people face the realities of business, of employment, of investment, of the environment, and of our own responsibility to live healthier lives. These issues need to be faced honestly and addressed constructively.

Thank you, all, once again.